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KET School Video Project

Video Upload Page | Explore the Videos | Video Challenges: Shaping My Future, Election 2016

Kentucky schools can upload student-produced videos year-round, directly to KET!
We are seeking videos made by Kentucky K-20 students, classes, organizations, and clubs:

School news programs and stories, public service announcements, documentaries, art/music videos, classroom project videos, training/tutorial videos, anything you and your students are making that you'd like to share!


KET School Video Project Challenges - Share Video and Win Gear!

In addition to uploading examples of your student-produced videos, please participate in our timed KET Video Challenge projects that focus on curriculum subjects such as Social Studies, Health, the Environment, Digital Citizenship, and more.

Latest Video Challenge: Shaping My Future - College and Career

(ended 5/6/16)


Next Video Challenge: Election 2016!

We'll soon be adding the KET School Video Project Challenge: Election 2016 to this page. Watch for it, along with a new look and more features for the KET School Video Project site — coming for Fall, 2016.

Kentucky Curriculum Connections

Student-produced videos can be useful as instructional tools and are positive examples of blending technology and Core Content in the classroom for inspiring, project-based learning. They can be viewed from a variety of perspectives:

Student-produced multimedia projects that are designed and assigned to extend instruction and learning can effectively meet the ISTE and KCAS standards across the curriculum.

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